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Karakoram Highway

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Content ot the DVD:
1. part: Hindukush and West Himalaya
Pakistan, Nanga Parbat, Citral, Tiric Mir
2. diel: Karakoram
Pakistan, Hunza, Kundzerab
3.diel: Pamir
China, Mustaghata, desert Tatlamakam, Kashgar


Across the Wild Baltistan documentary is an independent continuation of the Karakoram Highway documentary from the previous year. The aim of the six climbers is the north-east province of Pakistan-Baltistan. It´s location in Kashmír, not far from the hot border with India, might seem deterrent, but in fact Baltistan is a beautiful corner of the world hidden in the bowels of Karakoram. Splendid summits, steep and fascinating access roads, but most of all the nice people make Baltistan a place really worth seeing. Perhaps also through the camera lenses. This document depicts the expedition on its way from the foot of Nanga Parbat through the Indus River Canyon to the Baltistan valley Hush and onto the top of the 5650 meters high peak of Gondoghoro.

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