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Trou de Fer - The Iron Hole

Trou de Fer - is one of the most beautiful as well as the hardest canyons in the world. The Czecho-slovak expedition managed its first traverse in this year. With the assessment of the difficulty AB0, Trou de Fer is more valued in the canyon traversing than Mount Everest in mountaineering. We have tried to capture and film something, what has not been properly documented until today. It seems we have have been succesful...

Trou de Fer is a huge sink hidden deep in the volcanic mountains of the tropical island called Reunion, which is situated in the Indian Ocean close to another famous island - Madagascar. The canyon environment belongs to the rainiest regions in the world. The high difficulty and danger of this canyon consist right in the "rainy" quality.

Only few expedition managed the traverse through Trou de Fer. 14 people already died trying to reach its end. Leader of our group, Miro Dušek, has evaluated the expedition: "We have been preparing this travers for 3 years. There were 5 members there: Miroslav Dušek, Jaroslav Holeček, Natália Borecká, Pavol Barabáš and Martin Chroumal.

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