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Addicted to Altitude

Best Inspiration Film - International Film Festival T-film, 21.5.2019, Czech republic

Special Mention - Bansko Mountain Film Fest, 21.-25.11.2018, Bansko, Bulgaria

Best Mountaineering Film - International Outdoorfilms Festival, 5.10.-7.12.2018, Czech and Slovak Republic

Special Mention - Nordic Adventure Film Festival, Denmark, 20.-25.11.2018

Best Mountaineering Film - Ladek Mountain Festival, LAxdek Zdroj, POland, 20.-23.9.2018
"By using archival footage intertwined with interviews with the survivors of the Himalayan Climbing Ark, director Pavol Barabaš weaves a thick-textured blanket of the Slovak high-altitude mountaineering from its humble beginnings in 1960s to the world-class ascents in the 1970s and 1980s. Packed with valuable historic data, serious and funny at the same time, this is a tribute to the legendary Himalayan expedition leader Ivan Gálfy, the Slovak twin of Andrzej Zawada."

Jury´s Special Mention Prize - International Mountaneering Film Festival, Teplice nad Metují, Czech Rupublic, 23.-26.8.2018

Literary Fund Prize - International mountain and adventure film festival, Bratislava, 25.3.2018, Slovakia

Audience Choice - International Mountain Film Festival Poprad, 15.10.2017, Slovakia

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