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Nature´s call

For these dogs, nothing can replace the triumphant feeling of overcoming obstacles. Energy and tension plays every muscle and the fire in their bodies fights the frost of an inhospitable terrain. The joy of movement awakens life in them and we wish to know the elementary force of nature, the call for affinity with it.

Director, camera, editing: Pavol Barabáš
Length: 13 minutes

Vlkomedved V cielovej rovinke Preteky psich zaprahov Donovaly 2006Preteky psich zaprahov Donovaly 2006

Psi pozdrav Krasavec

Filming location

dvd_sloboda-pod-nakladom_sk-2.jpg na-web.jpg pyg.jpg dvd_troudefer_sk.jpg mong.jpg bhu.jpg car.jpg nezant.jpg tep.jpg

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