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Carstensz awarded in Poland

Ladek Zdrój, 19. september - this weekend, The Mountain Film Review took place in the Polish spa town, Ladek Zdroj. More than 30 films competed in its programme in different categories. Carstensz - The Seventh Summit directed by Pavol Barabas won the Prize in the category Culture, Man, Ecology.

THE ASGARD PROJECT directed by Alastaira Lee won The Grand Prix. Starting last week, Carstensz - The Seventh Summit is being screened in Czech cinemas, when K2 STUDIO and OUTDOOR FILMS prepared a project of outdoor films for czech cineviewers.

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Culture, Man and Ecology in film:

„Imagine that our Earth is only a few meters in diameter, hovering somewhere above a flowering meadow. After its discovery, people would say it was the greatest wonder.  They would go round it with respect, astonished at its large water surfaces, green woods and rivers flowing from white mountains.  People would proclaim it to be holy. They would kneel by it, praying for recovery and drawing energy from it as well as knowledge and beauty. They would protect it, as they would feel that their lives would mean nothing without it..." (part from Carstensz - The Seventh Summit).

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