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New Guinea is the largest tropical island in the world. In the era of satellites, this country of mysteries, myths and undiscovered secrets hides behind green walls of impenetrable deep forest. In a labyrinth of dark swamps, people live high in the trees, in primitive conditions that have changed little since the Stone Age. The natives had not yet come in contact with white people, or with the conquests of our civilisation. Entering their territory is a dangerous adventure. These places are discussed quietly and with respect. According to the missionaries, the natives practice cannibalism...

Script, photography, direction: Pavol Barabáš, Editing: Matej Beneš, Music: Michal Novinski, Length: 53 min., Year of production: 2005

There are also other forms of life and a different perception of world than ours. Natives in the primeval forests in Guinea succeeded to live in symbiosis with the nature for thousands of years without the achievements we know. We learnt that we need a lot of material staff to survive. The society is convincing us, that we need more and more things to survive!  Pavol Barabáš

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