Bansko 2009: Cena pre slovenský film Carstensz - Siedma Hora - K2 Studio
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Bansko 2009: Cena pre slovenský film Carstensz - Siedma Hora

Sofia, November 28 (BTA) - The French documentary Berhault (2008) directed by Gilles Chappaz and Raphael Lassabliere was awarded the Grand Prix at the 9th edition of the International Mountain Film Festival in Bansko. The selection committee's special prize went to "In Nansen footsteps. Across the Arctic ocean to cape Norvegia" (Norway, 2009), directed by Borge Ousland and Thomas Ulrich.

The special prize for best Bulgarian film was given to Ilian Metev's "Goleshovo" (Bulgaria/Great Britain, 2008), and the Bansko Town Hall's prize for film depicting the way of life and culture of mountain people was awarded to "The wooden carpet" (Iran, 2008), directed by Abdolrahman Mirani. Elio Orlandi's "Beyond the wall" (Italy, 2009) got the prize for complete realization in extreme conditions. Directors Anna Maria Filipov and Krzysztof Vielitski and their ""Polish" Himalayas - the biggest tragedies" (Poland, 2008) received the Prize of the Union of Tourist Business - Bansko for
film about mountain sports, adventures and exploration, together with Pavol Barabas and his "Carstensz - The Seventh Summit" (Slovakia, 2008). BTA


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